donderdag 29 december 2011

Tarte Tatin

Hope you all had a nice Christmas! I ate way too much and I still have food left from Christmas :D.


I saw a kid making this (upside-down-apple-tart) in a cooking show and thought that I should be able to make this too! haha I used apple, but you can also use pears or apricots.

- Those green sour apples, 4
- 60 gram butter
- 160 gram sugar
- 3 tbs water
- 400 gram puff pastry (mine are square)

Pre-heat the oven on 175C / 347F. Cut the apples in 8 parts, start from the middle. Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the sugar, water, cook and stir till it bubbles and brownish.

Add the apples and cook it for about 7-10 minutes till the apples are soft. Then move the "mix" into a mold that doesn't leak and cover it with the pastry.

Bake the tarte tartin in about 15-20 till it's golden brown and the pastry lifts up. Now comes the hardest part, you have to turn the tarte tatin in a plate.

Enjoy! And happy new year! :D

ps: I also made a video! Check it out, it's in HD 1080p!

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