vrijdag 2 december 2011

Spring Onion Pancakes

I like chewy things! Sometimes I just feel like making this, it's a great snack and this pancake is a little bit chewy.

You can also order this in restaurants, but the one in the restaurants are much thinner and I don't really like the taste.

There is a special folding to create this pancake.

Ingredients: (I made 5 with this)
- 150 grams flour
- 125 ml lukewarm water
- 4 stalks of spring onions - diced
- 3 tbsp (olive) oil
- salt by taste

Mix the flour with the water and knead until soft, not too firm. If it's too sticky, add a bit of flour. Devide the dough in 4 or 5 portions. Roll the dough as thin as possible in a round shape, spread some flour to prevent it from sticking.

Brush the pancake with oil on 1 side. Sprinkle salt and add the spring onion. Now comes the folding.

Roll the pancake from both sides to the middle, it will look like this ||, then roll it up like a snail and turn it on it's side to flatten it a bit.

Heat a frying pan with oil and bake the pancakes until golden brown!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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