vrijdag 9 december 2011

Brioche French Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream

I also sent this for the competition, they better give me the Kitchenaid! hehe This one is really easy, no baking and stuff, but oh so yummy!

By the way, I bought the Bose QC 15 and I'm using it right now while I'm writing this post. I'm soooo happy with these headphones (no noisy neighbors anymore! :p), I just had to share this with you. It was either the Beats or the QC 15, but after trying the Beats, I knew which one to get! It's like comparing a DVD with Blu-Ray. ;)

The only con I can think of is that you can't hear how loud you are singing... haha

Ok, back to the recipe.

Ingredients: (makes 4)
- 4 thick slices of brioche
- Vanilla ice cream
- 2 tbs sugar (I find this optional)
- 1 tsp cinnamon powder
- 1 egg (I used 2 eggs and less milk)
- 150 ml milk
- 1 tbs butter

Whisk the egg, milk, sugar and the cinnamon. Heat a pan with the butter and soak the bread in the batter on both sides. Then fry the French toast for about 4 minutes on both sides until golden brown and yummy.

Scoop as many ice cream you want on the hot French toast!

Enjoy and enjoy your weekend!

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