dinsdag 22 november 2011

Quick Potato Wedges

Ten years ago when I was in Spain (no hablo Espanol) for an internship, me and my class mates almost ate this everyday. I remember that I llllloved it! Actually it was my class mate who cooked all the time and she was very good at it!

In the meantime I have changed it a bit and I have left the potato skin on, which has the best nutrition and I have added rosemary.

The following ingredients serves 2, or 1. hehe

- 500 gram medium size potatoes
- like 10 cloves of garlic (team Edward would be so scared!)
- water to cook the potatoes
- Sea salt by taste
- a bit Black pepper
- a bit Rosemary
- around 3 to 4 tbs olive oil

First clean the potatoes, you can brush them a little, but watch the skin. Then cut the potatoes in wedges, cut it in half and then another half of the half. (?)

Place the potatoes in a medium sized pan with water, just about till it covers the potatoes, cook this for 25 minutes.

In the meantime you can prepare the garlic, you can press the garlic with the flat side of your knife to remove the skin easily.

Then dice the garlic or use a garlic press and set it aside.

Drain the potatoes and heat a non-stick pan with olive oil. Fry a bit of garlic and then add the potato wedges to the pan. Give it a shake, add salt and pepper and the rest of the garlic and fry till it's golden brown.

Serve in a warm bowl and sprinkle the potato wedges with rosemary.

Enjoy! (Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!)

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