zaterdag 19 november 2011

How to end a perfect date - in the morning

Only if you want it to end ofcourse. And if you get up first, follow the below instructions and make that cup of coffee! Ok ok, all craziness on a stick. (it's a Dutch saying)

I use a moka pot , I didn't know they call it a moka pot till today actually, but in some countries they also call it a cafetiere.

This thing comes in three parts where you add water in the bottom and ground coffee to the filter and screw it all together. Then you place the whole pot on the stove and you actually steam the coffee in the tunnel of the pot where it comes in the upper chamber.

Do not let the coffee boil, as the coffee is done when it's in the upper chamber.

I also use coffee syrup instead of sugar, the syrup comes in different taste, like hazelnut, caramel and vanilla. This tastes sooooo much better than sugar!

If you have milk in your coffee, use a sauce pan to cook your milk and use a whisk to create the foam for your coffee.

There you have it, a moka pot, ground coffee, yummy syrup and milk. Enjoy! (with your pinkie up!)

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