maandag 12 september 2011

Mussel time!

In The Netherlands we say it's mussel time, when there's an R in the month, that means now!

A friend advised me to use the following ingredients, I normally just buy a bag of (mussel)vegetables and add them to the mussels...
- onion
- thai basel
- red pepper
- a bit of coconut milk

Salt and pepper is not needed.

Before you cook them in a large pan or wok, rinse the mussels with water, remove the mussels which are already open (!).

Heat the pan or wok and create a layer of mussels, add half of the ingredients then add the rest of the mussels and the last ingredients on top.

Cover the pan or wok for about 7 minutes on high heat and when all the mussels are opened, it's done!

Bon appetit!

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