zondag 11 september 2011


There are different kind of toppings you can put on, but this bruschetta is served with tomato, garlic, oregano (fresh is better, by dried oregano is also fine), olive oil and sea salt. That's it.

All you need are a few slices of baguette to grill, which I have spread with aioli first. Then slice the tomato (2 or 3) in small parts like above and remove the inside.

Chop 1 or 2 cloves of garlic into really small parts and when the baguette is done, gently move the tomatoes to the baguette.

Top it off with garlic, oregano, olive oil and sea salt.


ps: thanks to my brother in law (he's Italian! ;)) who taught me this, I only changed the recipe with the aioli spread.

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